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Wing Pallets

Standard Pallet with Overhanging Deck Boards, aka Wing Pallet, Crane Pallet, Crane Lift Pallet

Lion Lumber’s wing pallets are made with an overhanging deckboard or deck end from the outside edge of the stringers or stringerboard to:

  1. Increase unit-load area
  2. Add pallet load-bearing capacity
  3. Reduce deckboard-end splitting by fasteners
  4. Facilitate the lifting of a pallet with bar slings hanging from a crane

Wing Pallets
Requires sizes for pallet and deck with overhang/wing

Four-Way Wing Pallets
Requires size for pallet and deck overhang/wing

Specify: Thickness of stringer boards, deck wood (hardwood, softwood, plywood, particle board, hardboard, oriented strand board, etc.) and overhang requirements.

  • x 1118 mm)

Other Options

  • Stenciling
  • Strap notching

Heat Treating

For international use, Lion heat-treats onsite to a minimum of 56°C (133°F) for a minimum of 30 minutes. All ISPM compliant pallets are marked as required by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

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